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Gold IPTV 01 Month



* Installation, support and commissioning on all devices (Smart TV – Android – IOS – Kodi…)
* Faster server reduces buffering
* Supports low speed connections
* No foreign subtitles on VOD movies
* Improved image quality up to FHD and 4K


The “Gold” subscription is a premium package offering high-quality IPTV service with a diverse range of television channels. Enjoy channels in high-definition (HD), and some subscriptions may include even higher quality, such as 4K if available. Designed for viewers seeking a superior and exceptional viewing experience.

*Gold Subscription Features:*
– Extensive selection of television channels, covering sports, entertainment, movies, series, and more.
– High-definition broadcast quality (HD), with the possibility of even higher quality like 4K if available.
– Additional features, such as premium customer support, companion applications, recording, the ability to watch episodes with subtitles, and other luxury features.

*Lite Subscription Features:*
– Limited channel lineup with essential television channels.
– Average broadcast quality in standard definition (SD) or high-definition (HD).
– Affordable pricing compared to other plans.
– Some limited additional features, like a few supplementary channels or basic accompanying services.

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